Costa Concordia

DISA was contracted by Titan-Micoperi for the general project assistance on the salvage of the Costa Concordia. DISA performed several tasks in subcontracting such as : Project management, salvage and marine operations, engineering, Diving & ROV activities, survey, vessel positioning and wreck monitoring.

Client Titan - Micoperi
Period 2012 - 2014

DISA International was subcontracted to assist on the salvage operations of the passenger vessel COSTA CONCORDIA, a292m, 114,147 GT Cruise ship, wrecked on Isola del Giglio, Italy. The vessel was lying across two fingers of rock and was unsupported in the mid‐section and at both ends. Salvaging the ship was complex and challenging and to date the largest salvage operation of its kind in maritime history. The objective was to salvage the vessel in such a way that the entire vessel would float again and could be redelivered to the choice of the owners. DISA’s main task was being part of the project management and the execution during the entire salvage operations. DISA 
supplied salvage, marine and diving personnel, supplied diving & ROV equipment, developed and supplied a custom made vessel monitoring system, developed and supplied the sponsons control system and control unit incl. of the software.