Complete solutions for offshore oil and gas projects

The Offshore Oil & Gas division responds to the higher demand for complete solutions. Since 2009, we branched out into offshore oil and gas projects where we provide a high standard and wide range of subsea services and support to the offshore oil and gas industry and major installation contractors worldwide.

Our offshore oil and gas services

  • Diving
  • Rope Access
  • ROV operations
  • Survey and positioning
  • UXO services
  • Cutting services
  • Ballasting and suction operations

Into matter if it is the installation of single point mooring buoys, inspection of pipelines or decommissioning of subsea infrastructure, by being involved during the engineering phase, we offer the preferred solution. Our assets and recourses include diving systems, remotely-operated vehicles and an extensive range of survey and positioning equipment, together with capable project management and engineering expertise.

A variety of offshore operations

The services are used for a variety of offshore operations, either stand-alone (diving, ROV or survey and positioning), or as an integrated package, combined to suit specific project requirements. We have the expertise, experience and technical ability to complete subsea oil and gas projects safely, efficiently, on schedule and within budget.

offshore oil and gas

A selection of our projects in offshore oil and gas.