About DISA

We provide safe, time efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions. Being transparent enables us to be always the BEST VALUE service provider.

Your solutions specialist

We are DISA International. Since 2003 DISA has expanded in different sectors where marine and underwater services and solutions are needed. With our origin in marine salvage and following diversification and international expansion, the DISA brand operates currently with 4 divisions: Civil Construction, Wreck Removal, Offshore Oil & Gas and Offshore Renewables. We work as a turnkey service provider to our clients around the globe, with headquarters in Belgium and offices in the Netherlands, Singapore and the US.

Diversity & competence

Diversity and competence best describe our company. Our skills range from specialized subsea services for marine and civil construction projects, to wreck removal operations and services in the offshore oil and gas and offshore renewables. DISA has specialized and comprehensive in-house competences such as diving and ROV services, rope access, survey and positioning, underwater concreting, welding, subsea horizontal directional drilling, as well as the mechanical, structural and marine engineering capacity and project management. 

Innovation & sustainability

Our clients appreciate our focus on innovation: we understand the art of inventing and modifying concepts and techniques used in one segment to meet operational challenges in another. This ensures a more efficient and economical, yet reliable and sustainable approach of subsea projects. 

The services we offer are based on years of practical experience and in-house research and development, whereas we are committed to the highest safety and quality Standards. We have an embedded quality system, backed up by international certification and safety policies for all our employees.

We are ready to move forward and continue growing as a leading service provider in the marine, civil and offshore sector. Let us know how we can assist!