Surface Supplied Divers


Job description

A Surface Supplied Diver is a member of a diving team. The person executes all the relevant tasks which are part of a diving team above and underwater, including the subsea/diving activities according to the industrial best practices implemented into our company rules and regulations. These R&R are based on local legislations, industry guidelines and continuous improvement from internal and external international platforms. 


Job requirements

  • Lower secondary vocational training degree or relevant experience
  • Basic safety-VCA
  • BOSIET or equivalent
  • Diving certificates such as HSE part I, Dutch or International equivalent
  • Valid medical certificate fit for diving
  • Underwater specialized skills such as: underwater welding/cutting/rigging/HP blasting etc.
  • Strong self-Initiative on personal and project related matters
  • Proficient in Dutch and English language
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel.



  • Performs as a team member of the diving team in all duties and tasks
  • Executes the subsea tasks as per scope and instructions of the Diving Supervisor
  • Verification and basic maintenance of own diving gear and tooling
  • Observes and acts according to the company- and diving procedures
  • Initiates updates diving log book and other relevant documents
  • Actively participate and illustrate awareness on company and project SHE-Q matters.
  • Reports risks and other matters to the Diving Supervisor
  • Utilizes the provided business and protection equipment in a correct manner
  • Participates in organised discussions, instructions and/or training.


Interested and available shortly?

Please send your resume and short cover letter to Ms Marjolein Ravesloot –

Acquisition related to this vacancy will not be appreciated.