Date: 21/03/2016


 SINGAPORE 21 March 2016; DISA INTERNATIONAL HOLDING BVBA, the innovative underwater solutions contractor, announces that the regional office in Singapore has entered into agreements to enhance its business in Thailand and Myanmar.

 DISA SINGAPORE PTE LTD has concluded an agreement with RJM Siam Co. Ltd. from Bangkok to further business development and operations in Thailand. Providing a broad range of underwater solutions, DISA can support Offshore Oil and Gas, Civil Construction and other Marine Services such as wreck removal and hydrographic survey.

 Ms Kamonvan Ritthiron, managing director of RJM Siam confirms: “We are delighted to have come to an agreement with DISA with the aim to work together on projects that are being developed in Thailand. RJM Siam management know the people of DISA well and look forward to market their  quality services. RJM Siam is well placed to support DISA and we strongly believe nothing stands in the  way of a fruitful cooperation”.

 In Myanmar, DISA has entered into a partnership with International Geomatics Services (IGS).

IGS is historically a Myanmar company that is active in onshore mapping and survey activities for construction contractors, offshore oil and gas companies and governmental bodies. The connection between IGS and DISA was made on basis of a long term relationship between the management of the respective companies and will result in DISA and IGS to offer hydrographic survey activities in Myanmar.

 Mr. Nyan Tun, Managing Director of IGS comments: “It is IGS aim to introduce modern survey technologies to Myanmar clients and apply these new technologies in the survey and mapping industry. Working with DISA as an international partner we strongly believe we can advance the quality of hydrographic survey in Myanmar.”

 Over the last few years DISA Singapore has gone through a great development. The fleet of ROV’s, diving and hydrographic survey equipment has been expanded to support operations in the region. With a broad range of underwater activities DISA has supported port development, offshore oil and gas projects as well as the marine casualty market. The client-base consists of authorities, ship-owners, insurers, oil and gas companies and the major civil construction contractors.

 Rik Zwinkels, Managing Director of DISA Singapore confirms: “Both Thailand and Myanmar are countries that are in full development. Under current market conditions, the existing offshore assets in Thailand will need cost effective IRM or possibly lifetime extension. DISA can provide those services whilst keeping a strong focus on quality and safety. As for Myanmar, we look forward to introduce the latest technology to the survey and mapping industry thereby assisting our partners and their client-base to benefit from innovations in this field. With our increased activities in both countries we obviously hope there will be spin off resulting in DISA providing solutions in the civil construction and marine sector as well. Especially in civil construction there have been innovative developments in Europe that DISA can offer in this part of the world to enable more cost effective underwater construction. All in all, we are extremely pleased to have formalized our cooperation with partners in both countries in order to effectively provide all our services.”


Since the inception of DISA International, the company has rapidly expanded in all sectors where it renders underwater solutions. Several innovative concepts have been introduced, which ensured a more efficient and economical, yet reliable approach of projects, to an international client base. DISA renders services to the marine industry, as such has been engaged as by all major salvage companies, and has over the years also been retained to assist with large civil construction and oil & gas projects.

 DISA provides diving and ROV services as well as survey & positioning, rope access, subsea horizontal directional drilling and underwater grouting and concreting including the development and construction of custom made subsea tools and ballasting/suction modules. For engineering and operations, DISA has access to a pool of qualified, experienced and certified personnel throughout the company.

 The services offered by DISA are based on extensive practical experience and in-house research and development, whereas the company is committed to the highest standards of safety and quality.