DISA Singapore achievements

Date: 02/10/2014


SINGAPORE 1 October 2014; DISA INTERNATIONAL HOLDING BVBA, the innovative underwater solutions contractor, announces that the regional office in Singapore has achieved some major milestones.

The company, under the name DISA SINGAPORE PTE LTD, has managed to achieve the highest safety recognition under the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health act, namely BizSAFE star. Being listed as BizSAFE star confirms that the company’s workplace safety and health management system meets the Singapore Standard SS506 or equivalent as audited by an independent Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) accredited auditor.

Furthermore, DISA is happy to announce that DISA Singapore is meanwhile recognized and registered with the Singapore Maritime and Port Authorities as one of the few companies to perform hydrographic surveys in Singapore waters.

In order to serve clients locally and internationally, DISA Singapore has invested in a range of survey equipment  including positioning systems, multibeam echo sounders, sound velocity profilers, vessel motion monitoring units, side scan sonars and related other equipment.

Last but not least and aside from the already available diving capability, DISA is happy to announce the permanent operations of SAAB Sea eye Falcon inspection class ROV’s in the Asian region. The ROV’s come with various options, amongst others 5 function manipulator arms, which make the ROV’s versatile for the size. DISA Singapore has also secured access to (light) working class ROV’s and experienced personnel, and is committed to further developing these services in the short term.


Since the inception of DISA International, the company has rapidly expanded in all sectors where it renders underwater solutions. Several innovative concepts have been introduced, which ensured a more efficient and economical, yet reliable approach of projects, to an international client base. DISA renders services to the marine industry, as such has been engaged as by all major salvage companies, and has over the years also been retained to assist with large civil construction and oil & gas projects.

DISA provides diving and ROV services as well as survey & positioning, subsea directional drilling and underwater grouting and concreting including the development and construction of custom made subsea tools and ballasting/suction modules. For engineering and operations, DISA Singapore has access to the pool of personnel and assets already available throughout the company.

The services offered by DISA are based on extensive practical experience and in-house research and development, whereas the company is committed to the highest standards of safety and quality.

For further information we refer to our website: www.disa-international.com

Contacts for further information:
For corporate information and other regions:
Heidi Schets
Telephone: +32 14 62 04 11
E-mail: h.schets@disa-international.com

For Asia and Oceania:
Norrashidah Radzuan
Telephone: +65 6592 0395
E-mail: n.radzuan@disa-international.com

Singapore office address:
23, Shipyard road, 2nd Floor
628129 Singapore