DISA International acquires 12000 ton lifting capacity

Date: 21/02/2016

Beerse, 24 January 2016; DISA INTERNATIONAL HOLDING BVBA, the innovative underwater solutions provider, announces that DISA Nederland BV has recently purchased 12 super winches. The winches were initially used for the recovery and removal of offshore structures in the Gulf of Mexico following the Rita and Katrina hurricanes. Each winch has a standard capacity of 500 ton, which, with the also available sheaves and rollers, can be upgraded to 1000 ton per winch thereby rendering a total pulling/hoisting capacity of 12000 ton. Ownership of the winches will be transfered to newco Offshore Winches BV, in which long-time logistics and heavy-lift partners VEMA Crane and Dior Heavy Lift will also participate. The winches are currently stored in The Netherlands and will be marketed for wreck removal and offshore projects worldwide.  



Didier de Graaff, Director Operations of DISA INTERNATIONAL HOLDING BVBA, said: “We are pleased to announce the purchase as it further enhances our capability in wreck removal which line of business lies at the very heart of this company. We believe that by adding significant lifting capacity to our subsea directional drilling units, chainpullers and other mobile equipment, DISA will be an even more attractive partner for larger wreck removal projects, considering the trend whereby ship sizes have increased exponentially in recent years. The winches can also be used for a variety of offshore projects, including decommissioning and pipe pulls. VEMA Crane and Dior Heavy Lift, with whom we have a long history, will be our partners in this new venture and shall facilitate transport of the winches to any location in the world.”    


About DISA International


Since its beginnings as an underwater solutions provider, DISA rapidly expanded and has, aside from its head-office in Belgium, offices in The Netherlands and Singapore. With an origin in wreck removal and following diversification as well as international expansion, the DISA brand meanwhile operates globally with three divisions: DISA Marine Services, DISA Oil & Gas and DISA Civil Construction, whereas wholly owned subsidiary C-Ventus Offshore Windfarm Services BV is active in the Offshore Wind segment. DISA provides air diving, ROV, rope access as well as survey and positioning services, specializing in underwater concreting, horizontal directional drilling and the engineering and construction of custom made subsea tools and modules, including ballasting/suction units.


For further information, please contact us on +31 162 681050 or info@offshore-winches.com.