Costa Concordia

Date: 17/09/2013

DISA International congratulates Titan-Micoperi with major milestone on Costa Concordia project.

Herewith management and staff of DISA congratulate Titan-Micoperi with successfully completing the parbuckling phase of the Costa Concordia project, following the tragic incident that occurred on 13 January 2012.

DISA is proud and thankful to have been involved from the very early beginnings in this project, characterized by a magnitude, exposure, professional and well-engineered approach unheard of in maritime history.

In particular the team-effort by many people from various countries resulting in a safe and  coordinated uprighting of the vessel has been a remarkable and unprecedented achievement.

With the project now moving into the next stage, DISA is looking forward to assist Titan-Micoperi in successfully refloating the vessel.