DISA international was subcontracted for the wreck removal operations of the MV Flinterstar located in the Belgian territorial water. DISA was requested to join at the bidding stage to assist on development of the commercial bid and wreck removal plan. DISA carried the responsibility for the execution of the wreck removal operations and all subsea tasks derived from the developed and awarded wreck removal plan. DISA’s scope of work consisted of  management, engineering, development of procedures, surveying the wreck and surrounding area, development of charts, rope access work, diving and ROV work and marine operations.

The MV flinterstar was located on a sandbank and due to migrating sand deposits and the adverse WX conditions, the wreck removal was a complex project. In combination with dredging equipment, the assistance of the support Jack up unit JUP Neptune and cranes, and by deploying divers, the vessel was successfully sectioned into two large wreck sections and lifted with the HLV RAMBIZ. The vessel sectioned were transport to Ostend and placed on a barge for further processing by certified scrap dealer.

DISA was awarded by our principals a recommendation letter for the safe and complex work performed for the successful removal of the MV Flinterstar.

Client: Scaldis
Period: 2016
Location: Belgium

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