Amazonehaven, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Date: 28/10/2013

Amazonehaven - Rotterdam

Beerse, 28-10-2013 - The Amazonehaven needs to be enlarged in order to accommodate the ever-larger container ships and provide those ULCC’s with safe and efficient access to the Maasvlakte. The bigger picture being the economic development and global competitive position of the port of Rotterdam. BESIX and Van Oord have joined forces for this project: Dutch glory with a Belgian touch.

The latter is meant literally, because the project leader for BESIX - Boudewijn Bartholomeeusen – is a Belgian national, who has worked in far-away countries for many years, but this time he is much closer to home: “That doesn’t make it any less of a challenge,” he responds enthusiastically.

Within the  consortium, all the expertise and (floating) equipment is available.
BESIX and Van Oord have cooperated before internationally. “But this is the first time that we have managed to find each other in such a prestigious project on Dutch soil. The new quay will be built on land, parallel to the existing quay. We will build it using combi walls. First of all we drive the tubular piles, and then the sheet piling is installed between them. The whole structure is anchored for stability and closed with a large concrete cap.”

For DISA as subcontractor to the consortium this means:

  1. Inspecting quays A1, A2, A3
  2. Final repairs
  3. Welding 2770 anodes
  4. Welding 850 connection strips
  5. Installing 23 drainage outlets


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